Green Acres on Lake Huntington, Sullivan County, N.Y.
Hotel Seven Gables, Greenfield Park, New York
The New Brighton Hotel, Parksville, Sull. Co., N.Y.
Overlook Hotel, Ferndale, Sullivan Co., N.Y.
Pauls, Swan Lake, N.Y.
Pine Tree Villa, Kiamesha Lake, N.Y., Greenberg & Son
The Pine View, Swan Lake, N.Y.
Playhouse and solarium Shelburne Hotel, Ferndale, N.Y.
Six Lake House, Rock Hill, Sull. Co., N.Y.
Stier's Bungalow Colony
Syrena House, Ellenville, Ulster Co., N.Y., Ulster Heights
Waldemere Hotel, Livingston Manor, N.Y., deluxe bungalows facing our lake

About the artist:

Alfred Landis was a great postcard artist, now beloved of Catskills postcard collectors. His beautiful colors make us remember the vitality of the typically smaller hotels that he covered. Landis set up an easel in front of the hotel or bungalow colony, sketched out a pseudo-aerial view, and went back to his Wurtsboro studio to finish the job. Owners could buy a large water color painting to hang in their lobby, which mirrored the content of the postcard. Very few of those remain in existence; the Sullivan County Historical Society in Hurleyville has several.

More than any other card maker, Landis conveyed the sense of the daily life of the small hotels. He had an incredible amount of detail. He also was playful, writing on top of buildings their names, like "casino" or "day camp." He also sometimes put in buildings that were not there, probably because the owner said "We're going to put up another building this coming year, so add it to the new cards." The Half-Moon Postcard Club in Wurtsboro has issued two editions of their Landis catalog. Landis’ grandson, Jim Landis, spoke at the 13th Annual History of the Catskills Conference August 24-26, 2007, and wrote an essay on Alfred Landis.