Since 1995 we have collected a variety of materials derived from and about the Jewish experience in the Catskills including reminiscences, literary texts, photos, menus, rate cards, postcards, memorabilia, business records, and interviews. The Catskills Institute Archive is the world's largest repository of material on the Jewish experience in the Catskills, and we are pleased to share this with you. You can browse lists of books and movies, and read published and unpublished memoirs, poetry, and short stories. Many of these materials have been contributed by readers of this site. If you have a potential contribution, contact us at

Books, stories, texts

Book Corner (annotated book list)

Catskills in Literature (full text)

Mountain Memoirs and Historical Essays (full text)

Catskills Poetry (full text)

Interviews (transcripts)

Theater and Entertainment (list of films and plays)

Catskills Holocaust writing contest winners (full text)

Visual material

A selection of Catskills memorabilia has been digitized and cataloged by the Brown University Library.

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Alfred E. Landis Postcards accompanied by two essays.

Photo galleries from others.

Maria Scheinfeld's Photos of Dilapidated Resorts in the Catskills