Project Staff

Phil Brown (University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences, and Director of the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute)

  • Collection curator and researcher

Sarah Payne (Research Associate)

  • Website design and exhibit development
Project Alumni

David Castillo (DSG Intern, Spring 2015)

  • Metadata editing for digital archive materials

Sarah DeLorme (CERES:Exhibit Toolkit Intern, Spring 2016)

  • Website development and exhibit design

Kaley Bachelder (Work Study Student, 2016-2017)

  • Website exhibit design and material processing

Param Ajmera (Research Associate, 2016-2017)

  • Website development and exhibit design

Citing this project

  • Project
    • The Catskills Institute. Phil Brown, May 2016.
  • Exhibits
    • Brown, Phil. "Postcards." The Catskills Institute, May 2016.
    • Brown, Phil. "Hotels and Bungalows." The Catskills Institute, May 2016.
  • Items
    • Please cite as: Creator. Title. Date of original publication. The Catskills Institute, access date. URL
    • Sample citation: Landis, Alfred S. The New Brighton Hotel, Parksville, Sull. Co., N.Y.. 1940? The Catskills Institute, August 26, 2016.

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit

This project was created on a customized WordPress instance using the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit. These tools, as well as archival, hosting, and support systems, are provided by the Northeastern University Library Digital Scholarship group. The DSG specializes in the Digital Humanities and helps faculty, staff, and students in the Northeastern community showcase their projects to the public.